Friday, March 6, 2015

Shawl Tee Shirt

     I was so excited when this yarn finally arrived!  Its called "Fingering Parfait" by Delicious Yarns...we found this great little company while we were at the yarn market in January and fell in love!
     All her yarns have a dessert theme... right up my ally!  This little item is so clever... you knit the triangle, join it in the back and take a few tucks under each arm and voila!  It becomes a tee shirt!
     The yarn is heavenly with a bit of contrast color...each colorway  delicious!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Simple Cowl

     Several week ago my hubby took me on a long awaited and much needed vacation, it was wonderful!  Anyhow, I knew I would have time to knit but didn't want to take anything I had to think about so I started in my pile of ideas!  This turned out to be the perfect project!
     This great little cowl is cast on 110 stitches onto a circular needle, join into the round and knit until all 4 skeins are gone!  Then sew the 2 ends together!  The yarn does all the work!
     I loved sitting in the airport and watching the reaction on people's faces when they saw me working on it ... the flight attendant asked about it, as well as several people who saw me at the beach!
     I cannot imagine a vacation without my knitting !  Now it's back to real life!   

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Little Summer Dress

     Oh my gosh!  I have a favorite new pattern and yarn!  This sweet pattern is free on Ravelry and is called "Little Summer Dress" and I knit it using Rowan's "Baby Merino Silk DK" in  this wonderful color   "Limone".
     I have had a smile on my face all week because we found out our oldest son and his beautiful wife are having a baby girl in July!  So everything "girl" is really calling out to me! 
     To be fair, I have also been knitting several boy projects because we are also being blessed with a new grandson the end of March!  Two babies for us!
     I had better get busy!   Happy Knitting!   Alison

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Koigu Ruffles

     I love Koigu yarn so much and this pattern from Churchmouse has been making it's way to the top of the pile for a while now!  Its actually written specifically for this yarn by a beginning knitter!
     When I went to Phoenix last weekend I took it along and it knit up so fast!  I love that its small and full of color!  The perfect little scarf!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Alexandra Cowl

     The holidays are over and now I can knit a few things from "The List"!
     Each month we receive from Dream In Color the " Dream Club Yarn of the Month" with a pattern for that specific yarn.  It always amazes me what they come up with, I am never disappointed for sure! This was the selection for December and I love it!
     The pattern has a 12 stitch repeat and sorry. but the colors really don't show well with my camera.  My suggestion here is when you have a pattern that has a repeat across each row, make sure to use stitch markers.  I placed a marker every 12 stitches so when I had a mistake, I only had to go back those 12 stitches to find my problem.  It makes things so much easier!
     I hope you are finding something to knit that has been calling to you! Stay warm, and Happy Knitting!  Alison

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wallaby Sweaters!

     When I was growing up we usually got a hand knit sweater for Christmas.  Sometimes it was pieces and parts of a sweater, and sometimes it was a box of yarn with a promise of a sweater, but a Christmas sweater usually happened each year!
     I don't think I ever really appreciated it until years later when I realized what it must have taken my Mom to accomplish this!  She was a single parent with 4 kids and usually 2 jobs besides all the sewing and knitting she did for others.  She was amazing!
     This year I was kind of dragging my feet about knitting "Wallaby" sweaters for my grandkids.  When I asked my daughter if they would even want them, she told me they love them and she really hoped they would get them!  Enough said...the yarn was picked and I have been knitting away!
     I finished them both tonight and now they are ready for a good blocking!  I have to say, I feel close to my Mom when I can re-create what she did for me, my siblings and all our children!
     I hope you are enjoying some Holiday Knitting too!    Alison

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fingerless Mitts

     My sweet husband Al does not enjoy getting gifts.  Every year since we have been married I get the same lecture this time of year: "please don't buy me anything" and "I don't need anything" which is difficult because I always have a list!
     This year however I had a great idea!  At his work he is outside a good amount of time so I found a pattern for fingerless mitts that would fit him (he has big hands).  The pattern is on  and is called Men's Fingerless Mitts by Kathy North.  It is a free download and I loved knitting her pattern!
     Now that they are all done  I just need to wrap them up for Christmas morning!  I love knitting for those I love!   Alison