Sunday, April 13, 2014

Big Bad Wool

     I have a new favorite yarn! It's called "Big Bad Wool" and look at the colors!  It 50% superwash wool and 50% alpaca and  the superwash wool keeps the alpaca from felting when its washed!  It is so light and soft!
     I made a little cardigan last week and all the colors just kept calling to me so I decided to use them together and do a striped blanket! 
     I just finished the pattern and will be taking it to the shop with me tomorrow! 
This was just what I needed today ... lots of  happy colors!!
     Happy Knitting!   Alison

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pop Blanket

     I just had to share this blanket knit by Peg Newman, she brought it to me to block and I just fell in love with it!  Aren't the colors she used great!
     The pattern is on www.ravelry  and is called "Pop Blanket"....  (it's a $5.00 download) and she used Vintage Chunky.
     I love seeing the creativity and color combinations people choose, it inspires me daily!
I hope this pop of color inspires you too!
Happy Knitting!   Alison

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Baby Wrap Sweater

     This past week we finally received our shipment of "Koigu" yarn which we actually ordered in January.  All of their yarn is hand dyed and it's impossible to choose what color way I love the most!
     This sweet little pattern specifically uses this yarn and I have had my eye on it in the shop just waiting for the yarn!
     The construction of it is so fun!  You start at the right cuff and knit across the body stitches to the left arm ending at the left cuff.  The pattern gives two options for the edge also, I chose the ruffle but you can also knit an I-cord edge for a more masculine look.  The entire sweater is knit in garter stitch ... yeah!   No one likes to purl as much as they like to knit!
     Love the yarn, love the pattern, and now I love this sweet little sweater!
Happy Knitting!    Alison

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Annies Pink Olympic Medal ... and new dress

     My granddaughter Annie has become quite a fan of watching the Olympics this week (something in her DNA directly from my Mom) One of my daughter's cute neighbors made Annie her very own pink Olympic medal to wear.
     While this is endearing by itself, I found out this week that she has outgrown her little knit dress and so I found this simple little pattern and knit her a jumper to wear with her medal!
     She was so excited when I showed up at her house and the entire outfit all came together!  This little child just melts my heart .... and then I leave her at her house and come home! 
     Yep, my knitting makes me happy!   Alison  

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Puerperium Cardigan

     Many people who walk into the shop delight in seeing all of our baby hats knit with "Cotton Classic"...we have an entire display with all of them!
     The only criticism I have with that is Cotton Classic is only made in solid colors, and I love multi-colors!  So when this yarn arrived from Plymouth Yarn called "Cleo" I was excited to give it a try!
     This sweet little pattern is found on and is called "Puerperium Cardigan".  It is only sized for a newborn and is designed for easy dressing of a newborn.  I loved the pattern and I love the multi-cotton!
     It made for great "Olympic knitting" which is keeping me busy!
Happy Knitting!   Alison


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Striped Shoulder Bag

     Several years ago I wrote the pattern for this bag using "Galway Chunky" and we had lots of people knit it.  Last week Suzette told me that someone had come into the shop wanting to make it again but we didn't have good colors in this yarn.
     Problem solved!  We ordered some new bright colors and yesterday I re-knit it while on a little road trip with my hubby!  Aren't the colors great!
     I revised the pattern a bit where I thought it was a bit confusing, felted it in my machine and it now lives at the shop! 
     It's all knit in one piece in the round starting at the bottom.  You then knit the handles and 3 needle bind off  the two ends together and your done!
     Fast, fun and easy!   Happy Knitting!   Alison

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Easter Baskets and Easter Eggs!

     I am in the mood for Spring!  This time of year I get so weary of the awful and gloomy weather that I have to work with uplifting colors!
     Here is the second part of what I have been working on ...Easter baskets and Easter eggs ... They have put a smile on my face and make me so happy!
     The baskets are knit with Encore Worsted and the eggs are knit with Cascade 220 Superwash Sport.  I love working with all these great colors and seeing how they all work together!
     Now if the weather would cooperate outside ... uugh!
     I'm off to find another project!  Happy Knitting!  Alison